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About Us

We offer the following services:
– Title Insurance
– Real Estate Settlements
– Notary Services
– Escrow
– Land Title Search

We belong to VLTA & ALTA

Chatham Title was created in 2004 by Sherry (Reynolds) Crittenden to provide a more hands on approach to real estate settlements and maintain an open communication with all parties. Ms. Crittenden’s philosophy recognizes how important each real estate transaction is to the people it affects.

A few things to remember…

  • Whoever pays for the title insurance gets to select the settlement company.  In Virginia, the buyer pays for the insurance and names the title company in the contract.
  • The settlement agent is a neutral party who does not represent either side of the transaction. You have the right to hire an attorney to represent you at settlement.
  • Understand your loan product BEFORE you go to settlement. Loan documents cannot be changed at settlement. Basically, if you want the money to buy the house you must sign the lender’s paperwork.
  • Listen to the advice of the professionals you have selected to assist you with the home buying process. 

Meet the business owner

Sherry Crittenden

Ms. Crittenden has more than 30 years experience serving the Northern Virginia real estate community as an agent and settlement processor. She is uniquely qualified to assist homebuyers through the settlement process, with a professional background that includes business management, real estate, new construction and title examination. She is a licensed real estate and title insurance agent and is a member of the American Land Title Association and the Virginia Land Title Association. She oversees all Chatham Title operations and will personally conduct most of the settlements.

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